kitchen remodeling in San Jose, CA


This was our first experience with a professional kitchen remodel. ACA remodeling treated us with great respect and they are very good listeners and advisors to what our ideas are trying to accomplish. Many thank-you to Carlos, Norberto, Sebastian, Arturo and subs for designing, fabricating and installing a top quality kitchen in our home. We would not hesitate to hire them again. Also I feel that down the road regarding any question about our house they will be there for us.

Monique M.

San Jose, CA

This review is long overdue. After reviewing many contractors for our kitchen remodel, we chose ACA Remodeling Design based on several factors. First, Carlos was professional, on-time, friendly, and informative during our initial consultation, offering his opinions on a few different ways we could configure the kitchen and rationale for each option, while still working with the plan ideas we already had. Second, Carlos didn't try to give us a hard sell - he met with us, provided his quote, and then waited patiently while we got other quotes. Third, ACA had all necessary specialists on-staff or contracted and we wouldn't have to vet various sub-contractors, which was something that was really key for us. Finally, the price was right - they weren't the cheapest but they also weren't the most expensive; given the positive aspects noted above we decided to work with ACA.

Our kitchen remodel required a complete gutting of the kitchen and starting over from scratch. Bill was our on-site daily foreman and he was very good to work with - he and Carlos kept us informed of the upcoming steps, coordinated all of the work to ensure things progressed smoothly and on-time, and were pleasant to interact with throughout the three-month process. The remodel actually ran a bit ahead of schedule, which allowed us to get back to cooking and away from microwave dinners (!), although the final finishing touches were delayed a few weeks because our custom hood/vent got delayed (due to error at the supplier), but ACA was understanding and patient in waiting out the delay (especially since I'm sure our delay could have affected their timeline on other projects).
Throughout the remodel all of the workers were very friendly and respectful of our property, and our house was kept clean and free of debris each night, including taping off the entries to the remodel area (which was important to keep our toddler out of potentially dangerous areas). Carlos and Bill were both very responsive and helpful when we had questions, regardless of topic.

In the end, our new kitchen is beautiful! Not only does it look beautiful, but it maximizes space for storage and the layout is very functional. When my sister visited she said "Wow, it looks like it's right out of a magazine or cooking show on TV!" Besides looking great, the remodel was completed on-time (aside from the vent/hood delay, which was not ACA's fault) and on-budget (aside from some options [granite, flooring] that we chose to upgrade during the selection process - and Carlos was very transparent in letting us know the impact of those changes). The cabinets (which ACA constructs themselves) are high-quality and all have soft-close hinges, which is fabulous! After the completion of the remodel, ACA has remained responsive and stands behind their work. After several months we noticed some settling had occurred in two of the cabinet doors which created small cracks in the paint - after one call to Carlos they came out the next day to remove the doors, fix, and replace. Over a year later two of the soft-close hinges became loose, and again we only had to make one call and they got someone to our house the next day to tighten the hinges.

After having this positive experience working with ACA on our kitchen remodel, my husband and I chose to work with them again when we were ready to remodel our bathrooms. We reached out to Carlos and he came to see us and discuss the projects. We initially planned to do one bathroom now and another later, but Carlos discussed with us the financial benefits to doing them both together (staggered, to maintain one usable bathroom at all times), which saved us a couple thousand dollars. Once again, Carlos offered creative design options that really helped improve the end results. As with our kitchen remodel, all of the ACA personnel were friendly, courteous, and responsive. The work was done on-time, and in fact they were able to finish several weeks early. We did encounter a couple minor setbacks during this remodel, including uncovering termite damage in the walls of one bathroom during demolition (ACA was able to repair the structure with what I feel was a reasonable budget and very little time delay) and having the supplier give away our granite slabs (which required us to make additional trips to pick out new slabs). In the end, however, we got the results we were looking for - the workmanship continues to be high quality and our bathrooms are beautiful! We haven't encountered any repair needs yet, but I'm sure if we do they will stand behind their work and provide warranty support as they did with our kitchen.

The high quality of work, ongoing support, friendly and responsive personnel, timeliness, and cost for these projects all met or exceeded our expectations. ACA has won our trust and have become our go-to remodeling partner. We highly recommend ACA Remodeling Design to anyone looking to remodel their home.

Stephanie H.

San Jose, CA

Several months ago I was seeking out a reputable remodeling company to complete a kitchen cabinet refacing job along with an installation of hardwood floors in a master bedroom. I searched the Diamond Certified Directory for a company and ultimately selected ACA Remodeling Design. The owner, Carlos Aguilera, met up with me at the job site and took copious detailed notes as I explain exactly what "look" I was attempting to achieve. He was very attentive and responsive and quickly return a schematic along with a bid. The project was made slightly more complicated as granite counter tops and full back splashes had been installed a few years earlier and I didn't want to replace them. Initially, there were some misunderstandings but because Carlos was genuinely interested in creating a project both he and I would be proud of, the final results were nothing short of complete satisfaction. Carlos uses high quality wood and hardware material and that manifests itself in the operation and sheer beauty of his construction. No one believes that my cabinets were really only refaced and not actually replaced---that's a true testament of how Carlos' motto of "Doing whatever it takes to make you happy", along with the backup of the attentiveness and professional crew I was fortunate enough to have on my particular remodel produced. Thanks to all involved for such satisfying and beautiful craftsmanship.

Ernie G.

San Jose, CA

My wife and I made the decision in early 2011 to update our entire house... one room at a time.

We did a lot of research, walked the home shows, read the magazines, and talked to a lot of experts, contractors, and consumers like us.
As avid "This Old House" and "Holmes on Homes" fans we wanted it done right, with the most current and durable materials, and at an affordable cost. I consider myself a handyman having experience with 3 other homes where I did a lot of the revisions myself
To complicate things I also have an MFA in two-dimensional design and my wife has a BA from UCLA in Theater Set Design; as a result we both have a good eye for form and function.

... so selecting a contractor who could work with us and match our vision to our budget, consider our input as well as giving us the feedback we needed to make the project successful was very important... which brought us to Carlos Aguilera... owner of ACA Remodeling Design.

Carlos and his team were a pleasure to work with... he made suggestions on design changes that we hadn't thought of and made all the difference when the project was finished. ACA Remodeling Design keep our cost down, performed the work on schedule, and completed several minor "re dos" without hesitation. We appreciated Carlos' honesty, professionalism, and follow through. We highly recommend ACA Remodeling Design for any project big or small. You will not be disappointed.

John K.

San Ramon, CA

We had an excellent experience for our kitchen remodel with ACA Remodeling Design and owner Carlos Aguilera. Carlos helped us see the possibilities for the redesign of our small galley kitchen without changing any of our home's structural elements. He then provided a preliminary computer generated 3D design of the job that we worked with to come up with our final design.
He proceeded with the job in a professional manner. His workers were professional, knowledgeable, and worked hard even when Carlos was not around, which was quite often.
The new cabinets and the new appliances that we had selected were stored in the garage prior to beginning the work.
The remodel was completed in eight and a half weeks, and was an all-around excellent job.

Bob W.

San Jose, CA

After several years of research and multiple estimates for an extensive remodel of our house, we elected to go with ACA Remodeling and we couldn't be more pleased!

Our project included a full tear-down-to-studs kitchen and 2 bath remodel, updated wiring and electrical service, new interior and exterior doors, refinished floors, interior paint, new windows, new insulation in top, bottom and walls, and new skim coat on exterior, all of which was completed in 5 months.

Carlos was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. In the design and estimate phase, he arrived on time to meetings, worked to understand our ideas, offered design suggestions, and helped us weigh options. He provided clear written estimates of costs, scope of work, and timelines.

Once work started, Carlos met regularly with me to update on progress, timelines, and sequencing of work, so there were no surprises. Hil, the site supervisor, the crew (Rigo, Juan, Tony, and others), and the subcontractors (Librado for stucco, Servando for floors, and Victor for dry wall texturing) were friendly and professional in responding to my questions or concerns as work progressed. Since we lived on site during the remodel, the guys did well at cleaning up at the end of each day to minimize the construction dust.

Carlos was quick to respond when a few minor issues arose and quickly addressed them.

Our friends and neighbors have been wowed by the new kitchen! Carlos helped us select the custom cherry cabinets with light oak finish, the granite counter tops, and the marble for the fireplace. He suggested a lovely design for the tile work under the cabinets and on the backsplash.

It's now been 3 months since the remodel was completed. We look around our now beautiful house and appreciate the results of ACA Remodeling's hard work!

Judy M.

San Bruno, CA